Ramblings: Looking to free agency; Craig Anderson; trade bait; Pittsburgh cap problems; future international rosters – September 25

Michael Clifford


The Sens announced they won't be bringing back goaltender Craig Anderson. He had spent the bulk of his franchise with the team but he's had a few rough seasons in a row playing behind really bad teams and at the age of 39, it makes sense the team looks for new goaltending as their rebuild continues.

Anderson and his wife Nicholle were big parts of the Ottawa community and team for a long time. Nicholle had a battle with cancer a few years back around which the team rallied, and it seemed they really had a special place in the hearts of Sens fans before, during, and especially after.

Best wishes to Craig, Nicholle, and their family in whatever comes next.


The Montreal Canadiens signed forward Jake Evans to a two-year extension. The first year is a two-way deal but the second year is one-way. They expect him to be in the lineup in short order, then.

Whatever happens from here on out, Evans has gone from being drafted outside the top-200 picks of the 2014 draft (207th overall) to earning an actual one-way NHL contract (if only for a year). The young man deserves lots of commendation for just getting to this point, regardless of what happens next.


The last couple days, I looked through which teams have significant cap space heading into the off-season and where I thought some players may end up. For anyone looking to get a bit of a head start on free agency, hopefully that can help.

Alex MacLean also posted his top-200 free agent projections.


The Pittsburgh Penguins announced a partnership with Bet Rivers, an online betting site that is operating in various American jurisdictions that are now permitting gambling. By the looks of things, this is going to include in-house betting at the arena, as well as a section of the audience dedicated to gamblers.

Relationships between gambling operators and the NHL is going to be fascinating to watch moving forward. Things like lineups, injuries, and goalie confirmations are sometimes difficult to come by in the NHL (imagine an NFL team not announcing their quarterback until kickoff), and that has been compounded with the "unfit to play" designations. Do more partnerships with betting sites change the NHL's stance on this, beyond just removing that designation? Lineups announced hours before the game like MLB? Inactives announced an hour or so before puck drop like the NFL? Something that is long overdue but I'm not certain the NHL goes in this direction. The