Top 100 Keeper League Goalies – Sept 2020



Here are the Top 100 goalies to own in your points-only keeper leagues – September edition!

Yes, nearly two weeks late with this as the relaunch of DobberProspects (check out the new look here), the update of the Fantasy Prospects Report and preparation for the Fantasy Guide swallowed up my time. The Fantasy Prospects Report (get it here) now has the profiles updated, new profiles added, plus the 2020 Mock Draft from Cam Robinson. The Fantasy Guide will have a partial release on October 16 and full release scheduled for October 30. You can order both in the Keeper League Fantasy Pack here, or (new) sign up for a subscription here! Thank you for supporting the websites during this difficult time. And please turn off your ad blocker and whitelist us – we have no popups or flashy ads.

This month, the main changes were to plug in all the UFA goalies for this offseason, and tweak any goalies who went deep into the postseason. Outlook is for the next two seasons (going further is just throwing darts), as well as their overall upside. And trying to balance that immediate, more certain help with the wait time of some of the better prospects. Remember – you don’t want a prospect sitting on your bench for four years if you can help it.

Click on any player name below to be taken to his fantasy hockey player profile page, with all the stats you need to make an assessment for your fantasy leagues…

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Sep 20GoalieTeamRatingAug 20Tier
1Andrei VasilevskiyTBL89.310