Ramblings: Draft Day! (Oct 7)

Cam Robinson


It finally arrived. We always knew it would, at some point, but for the 31 prospects selected on Tuesday night, it was a long journey than any before them. The first round of the NHL Entry Draft wrapped up with many a storyline.

Let's dive in. Warning, there will be clips. 



Before the picks even began, we had a pretty impactful trade. The Canadiens dealt Max Domi and a 3rd round pick to the Blue Jackets in exchange for Josh Anderson. Montreal nabs a dying breed of player – someone capable of producing points while also hammering the opposition with his physicality.

The issue has long been his health. 

Anderson is due for a new contract as an RFA and is rumoured to be looking for a long term contract. Expect Montreal to make that happen in a hurry. It will carry some risk thanks to his style of game and the wear and tear already spent on his body, but Anderson is the type of multicat player you win championships with when he’s rolling. He’s also the type of guy who is a menace in the real-life playoffs.

A nice bet for Montreal.

As for CBJ, they get a guy who is one year removed from a 72-point campaign. He's enigmatic. He can be frustrating. But he's a proven producer. Domi is also looking for an RFA deal. Columbus has a bunch of skill spread throughout their top nine. Domi likely projects onto the middle line – perhaps replacing Alexander Wennberg. 

I like this deal in the sense that either team could look great at the end of the day. Or neither. 

Read more on the trade by Michael Clifford here. 



Okay, the draft. I have thoughts.

The top two teams got it right. Alexis Lafreniere is going to feast on Broadway. He's Jonathan Huberdeau on steroids. Pencil him in for a 50-65 point pace next year depends on power-play usage. Quinton Byfield may or may not be in the NHL next season. But he joins an already jacked LA prospect pool. And hey, he gets to learn from one of the best big-man centres of the last generation in