Wild West: Contract Clauses – Part One

Grant Campbell


There have been a few GMs that have given out no-movement clauses (NMC), no-trade clauses (NTC) or modified no-trade clauses (M-NTC) like candy over the past two decades. An NMC protects the player from being traded or sent to the minors while the clause in effect, while an NTC protects a player from being traded and an M-NTC is an agreed-upon clause that allows the team to submit to the team owning the contract either a list of teams that the player can be traded (trade list) to or a list of teams that the player has no interest in being sent to (no-trade list).

All three clauses are intended to be incentives to have the player sign for a lesser amount or give the player stability in a city they wish to stay in for an extended period. When a player is at the top of their game these clauses are rarely an issue, but when a player is not, they can become an albatross for the team to deal with and perhaps a burden for the player.

We will look at each team in the West and see what players are under these existing clauses and see which teams are the most flexible or seem to be set for the next three or four seasons with their core locked up.


Ryan Getzlaf – Has one more year remaining with an NMC at an $8.25 million cap hit, and he might be asked to waive before the trade deadline (whenever that is). One would think he might be interested in moving to a playoff-bound team for 2020-21.

Adam Henrique – Has an M-NTC where he submits a no-trade list of 10 teams for the next four seasons of his $5.825 million cap hit. That still makes him available to 21 or 22 teams in the next few seasons and won't prevent the Ducks from moving him.

Jakub Silfverberg – Has four seasons remaining at a cap hit of $5.25 million where he can submit a no-trade list of 12 teams. Much like Henrique this will make him available to 19 or 20 teams, which is enough of a market to find a buyer.

David Backes – Has one year remaining with $4.5 million in cap space while his list has grown from eight to 15 teams that he can be traded to in 2020-21. The market has essentially doubled from the prior year and the Ducks can move him if needed.

Cam Fowler – Has six more seasons with a cap hit of $6.5 million, while submitting a list of only four teams that he can be traded to. The Ducks are going to have a difficult time moving Fowler at any point with a very limited market and this contract will be an issue sooner than later for management.