Ramblings: Lineup Risers, Carolina’s crease, Höglander, Norris, Gurianov, & Kakko (Jan. 13)

Cam Robinson


The time has come, the time is now. NHL hockey it's time to go pow! Okay, maybe I was never a poetry major but the sentiment remains. By the time you read this, we'll be beginning a stretch of 116 straight days of NHL hockey. That's right, January 13th to May 9th will provide us with countless hours of enjoyment, stress, and anxiety.

It'll be grand.


Let's talk about some cats that are appearing to be up the lineup ladder in comparison to where we initially pegged them.

Nils Höglander

In Vancouver, the team has been searching for linemates for Bo Horvat to work with forever. They traded for Tanner Pearson a couple of years ago and that's been a decent match. However, ideally, your lineup is deep enough that Pearson is a play-driving third-liner. And that’s still just one winger. 

Enter Höglander. 

The newly turned 20-year-old has played the last three seasons in the SHL. He tore apart the WJC in 2020 and would've done the same this year if he were born two weeks later. Instead, he's come to camp and been one of the best forwards on the ice. 

Now, for the caveat. The 5'9 winger is the only Canuck player who has had any game action under his belt this year. The motor has been clicking at full speed. That's going to provide him with a huge advantage over his mates. However, he's used that advantage to its fullest and impressed the coaching staff. He’s not only making this team, he’s going to play a prominent offensive role. 

We fantasy folk like that.

Höglander has his flaws though. His shot isn't all that hot. He can get worked over defensively at times. Yet, you cannot question his individual skills. He owns some of the most