Saturday’s NHL Picks: Flying High

Flip Livingstone


Hockey heads, puck pundits, and degenerate gamblers rejoice, your boy is back for a third season of Saturday picks for Dobber Hockey. If you've been following along and making some cash here and there, much love and props for the support. Last year was a bit of a rocky ride as it pertains to my Gold Picks especially, but I really appreciate the support big time and I am fired up for an NHL campaign that has already proven to be both interesting and tricky to navigate from a betting perspective.

The COVID-19 impact on lineups on a nightly basis is a very real thing to consider when it comes to laying wagers, and it will continue to be all season long. That level of unpredictability is never a good thing in the gambling world, so remember that when it comes to sprinkling bets and setting lineups daily.

With the unpredictability of what I mentioned above coupled with the new divisional alignments and a shortened season, this year is shaping up to be like no other as it pertains to the NHL betting world – but there is obviously still money to be made.

Strap on your boots, get those deposits into the ol' account and let's get this paper. Welcome back, enjoy the ride and be sure to follow along on Twitter @FlipLivingstone and @Flips_Picks for more. Good luck!

2019-2020 record

Gold: 5-14 

Silver: 10-8-1

Bronze: 11-8

Side bets: 37-29

Overall total record: 63-59-1


Gold Pick
Philadelphia Flyers @ Boston Bruins – Pick: Flyers

Hate it or love it, at the very least the realignment of the NHL's divisions has provided the opportunity to watch some tantalizing matchups at a high frequency – this is one of those matchups. Philadelphia is an exciting dark horse team, Boston is a perennial contender, and this rivalry is alive and well.

Now, as many of you likely already know, being a Maple Leafs fan I get easily triggered by even the site of a Bruins logo, and I never miss the chance to rub in a Boston loss. But all the anger, tears, and bias aside, I legitimately think the team no longer has the talent to get it done, especially in a division of killers the NHL has put together in the East. Bottom line: they aren't deep enough, even with a healthy David Pastrnak.

It is noted the Bruins are fresh off the heels of a tight 5-4 shootout win over Philly just two nights back, but the Flyers play well in bounce-back situations, are a strong road squad, and own a 5-2 record against Boston