Ramblings: Johansen injured; overtime; Hague’s performance; COVID updates; Armia; DeBrincat – February 9

Michael Clifford


Ryan Johansen has been described as week-to-week by Predators coach Jon Hynes, so don't expect him back in the lineup in the near-term. In the meantime, Nashville started their game on Monday with Calle Jarnkrok as the 2C for Grimaldi/Arvidsson.


A fascinating read over at The Athletic from Dom Luszczyszyn on how 3-on-3 overtime played out through the 2019-20 season. He went and tracked all the overtimes (with help from others) and reported back his findings. I won't divulge everything because this is a lot of work and I recommend people go read it on their own anyway. But he did find a few things we suspect: counter-attacks frequently lead to goals and possessions with more passing also tends to lead to more goals. There is a lot more nuance to everything than just counter-attacking though so I really recommend readers go through it. One of the more interesting hockey reads I have encountered so far this hockey season.


Also at The Athletic, a breakdown on what happened with the allowed goal in the Carolina game on Sunday that shouldn't have been allowed, the penalty that shouldn't have been called then subsequently taken off the board, and the fallout.

I am just going to flat-out say it: the league (not the games, the NHL as an entity) has been a complete catastrophe this year. Between the screw-up with the Sabres/Devils, official scorekeepers being unreliable, and now referees getting clear replays wrong, this has just been brutal. The hockey itself has been fun and a welcome reprieve. Anyone paying attention to literally anything else besides the product on the ice has to feel disheartened at what they see. Not that we expect perfect leadership and decision-making, but it just seems they're trying to get through this season with complete disregard to integrity. That is fine, if that's what they want, just don't expect your fans and players to treat you with integrity in return.


Rasmus Dahlin was added to the COVID list for the Sabres. This is how that breaks down now:



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