Ramblings – Johnny Hockey’s too late, Fox without Lindgren, Hagel’s potential and more (May 10)



For the 15th time in 16 years (damn lockout), I am offering a playoff draft list for your playoff pools. This will be available for download Monday (so it may be available as you read this). I had to quit working on it to write these Ramblings, but even with that minor delay I expect to have them ready before noon (Eastern Standard Time). It is an interactive list – you select your teams that go deep, run the rankings on the spreadsheet, and you get your draft list. So you can print off a couple of scenarios. I'll also include my own list, in case you don't want to do the work. You'll need excel and you'll need macros to be allowed. You can run these on Google sheets, but the macros won't work – you'll have to sort it manually (not a huge deal, you just miss out on the cool gimmick). Pick it up here.

Last week I mentioned spinning off an expanded NHL Draft Preview Issue to go alongside the Fantasy Prospects Report. I am now announcing that we have put that on the backburner. We'll circle back to that idea next year. This year we'll stick to the FPR as you've always seen it. I'll have that up for sale in about three weeks.

Those of you who subscribed to DobberHockey's guides (thank you) you may have noticed a one penny charge yesterday. That was the only way we could push the subscription date to May 15. This is our first time offering subscriptions so there were still some kinks to work out. When next year's products become available, if you subscribed, you will have definitely access to them when they are released, assuming that May 15 payment processes okay.


Brandon Hagel has quietly built himself into an interesting fantasy option. Besides unexpectedly making the team a good two years before my expectation, he then (just as unexpectedly) stuck for the entire season. Once he got into the lineup, Chicago never took him out. His ice time has slowly increased, moving from 12:49 per game in the first quarter to 15:44 in the final quarter. His linemates used to include names like "Carpenter" and "Kampf". Now? They include "DeBrincat" and "Dach". On Sunday he played with Dominik Kubalik and Philipp Kurashev. With a p