Ramblings: MacLean Family Offseason Addition; Draft Thoughts; Buying Buchnevich, Jones & More (Aug 4)

Alexander MacLean


I’m back from a week “off” after the birth of my first daughter. She’s happy, healthy, and completely overwhelming. Lack of sleep and baby brain are a real thing here, and as a result I haven’t been able to really get much time for hockey or for my thoughts over the last two weeks; and what a busy two weeks those have been in the hockey world. 

My bread and butter, free agency, is something that I had to take a back-seat on this year. Dobber, Cliffy, and Ian did a great job at keeping you covered with the fantasy takes. I want to add a few thoughts of my own and maybe look at things from a fresh perspective. I’ll give the free agent window another week to settle out before diving in there, and in the meantime, there was a lot of player value changes. 

Anyways, let’s start with the draft. Some big fallers that I had my eyes on included:
-Logan Stankoven
-Aatu Raty
-Francisco Pinelli
-Ayrton Martino
-Ville Koivunen (Drafted to Carolina in a pick our former Finnish Prospects guru Jokke Nevalainen likely had some say in)

*Note, I typically focus on forwards due to the shorter wait time, but this can be very league dependent.

Two of them went to Dallas, one to the Islanders, one to the Kings, and one to the Hurricanes. If the guys you have your eyes on tend to get drafted by the teams with well-regarded scouting departments and draft history, you’re probably on the right track. 

I’ll keep this brief, but Logan Mailloux should not have been drafted. It’s a hugely unfortunate, but unsurprising stain on the NHL. Rachel says it all better than I ever could. If you only have time to finish the Ramblings or to read Rachel’s article, do the latter. I guarantee you will get more out of it. 


Sticking with the draft, Carolina continues to trade down and make teams look silly. I love that they do that, and I usually tend to try and follow that same outline in my drafts. The key to it is having tiers laid out ahead of time, and anything you can gain while not dropping out of one of your tiers is a bonus. 


The biggest deal to this point looks to be