Fantasy Hockey Poll: Players on the Bubble Keeper & 60-Point Threshold

Rick Roos


In past Bubble Keeper Weeks, I've written a Goldipucks piece as my Roos Lets Loose entry. But this year I thought I'd mix things up and instead run a poll. With Bubble Keepers, it's all about mining for hidden gems while avoiding those who'll never fully reach their potential or whose numbers are poised to crater due to age. With that in mind, I've listed below 20 Bubble Keeper forwards, and your task is simple – pick any and all who you believe will reach the 60-point mark this season, in doing so separating those perhaps deserving of a keeper spot from those who should be tossed back into the draft pile. To be clear, I mean actually reach 60 points, not just a 60-point pace; so you should take into account their injury history/risks.

Here are the 20 choices, in alphabetical order and with last season's scoring pace denoted. The link for you to cast your vote(s) will appear at the end of the column.

Cam Atkinson (2020-21 scoring pace = 50 points)

Having reached the 60+ mark twice in his prior five seasons, Atkinson has shown he has the talent to be impactful. His lower numbers the past two seasons could be attributable to being in a John Tortorella system. With a fresh start on the Flyers, Atkinson should get a long look in the top six, where he could find his scoring touch again as he's still only 32 years old.

Jamie Benn (2020-21 scoring pace = 55 points)

Speaking of 32 year olds, I'm guessing many of you thought Benn was older simply because he's been around so long. After a five season stretch that saw his scoring rate range from 73 to 89, he's not risen above 56 in any of the past three. Yet in 2020-21 he did show some signs of renewed life, plus he stands to still get favorable ice time at ES and on the PP due to his contract and the type of game he plays. For sure his best days are well behind him, but a jump back to 60+ seems plausible.

Tyler Bertuzzi (2020-21 scoring pace = 64 points)

So far Bertuzzi's scoring pace has risen with each passing season. Yet he missed nearly all of 2020-21 to injury and Detroit is somewhat of a revamped team now, with Anthony Mantha gone and Jakub Vrana having been added, plus a bevy of youngster on their way. On paper this seems like a no brainer, but with young forwards you never really know.

Jesper Bratt (2020-21 scoring pace = 53 points)

With a locked in top six spot, meaning he'll be on a line with Jack Hughes or Nico Hischier, and barely above his breakout threshold, Bratt is poised to take the next step in his career. The issue is whether he'll get PP time to help boost his totals, and if New Jersey's offense will be potent enough to see any 60 point scorers, let alone Bratt.