Ramblings: Updates on Eichel, Carter, Reinhart, Hoffman, Hyman, Patrick – Stepember 24

Michael Clifford


Never a dull moment in Buffalo, apparently. The Jack Eichel saga has been ongoing for months now, and there has been no hint of a resolution. From a fantasy perspective, fantasy owners are on edge about what to do here. His ADP is inside the top-100 but that feels like people guessing more than anything. Personally, I'm not drafting Eichel this year and I can't imagine there'd be a lot of news that'd sway me.

To that end, some Jack Eichel news:

It really does appear that 2021-22 is going to be a lost season for Eichel. Earlier hopes had been for Christmas but if he needs neck surgery, and hasn't had it yet, and we're a week away from October? I don't see how Christmas is realistic, but I guess we'll wait until it actually happens.

The fun didn't end there, though:

There are only a handful of instances where a player has been stripped of the captaincy in recent memory. The one I remember best is Patrik Elias in New Jersey. Other teams have done it (San Jose), it's just not frequent. It's understandable, as Eichel is absolutely finished with the Sabres organization. But I find it kind of weird, seeing as they didn't name a replacement. It just feels like everything the Sabres have done in the last four months has greatly devalued Eichel's trade equity. And, again, it appears his season is over anyway. It's just a really bad situation all around.


Accordingo to ESPN, the NHL is planning a big crackdown on cross-checking. As anyone who reads my work knows, this is something I have been championing for years. It seems the majority of defensive plays are cross-checks for positioning and when those are allowed, escalation is inevitable. I am glad the NHL is finally doing this, if it’s years later than they should have. </