Fantasy Hockey Poll: Starting Goalie Battles

Rick Roos


Maybe it was because of the shortened seasons, or perhaps it's the new normal, but one thing for sure is the last two campaigns have featured more "come from nowhere" goalies than any in recent memory. Will 2021-22 (which, if all goes as intended, will end up the first with 82 games since 2018-19), be a roller coaster ride when it comes to goalies, or will things renormalize? Let's see what your votes have to say!

One of the key features of the Dobberhockey Fantasy Guide (still available for order here) is the confidence level that a particular goalie will be the "starter" for each team. And although for most squads the confidence level is high, i.e., above 75%, there are a number of teams for which it is 75% or less. In those cases, it often ends up being a 1A/1B situation, or even one where a third goalie emerges, resulting in no goalie starting more than 60% of its team's games. It also can occur that a netminder seizes the crease and, despite projections, ends up with the majority of its team's starts.

After you've read the choices, you should vote for any goalie whom you believe will start 60% or more of his team's games, which, in an 82-game season, means 49.2 starts, so let's just call it an even 50 starts. And in the previous sentence I meant "any goalie," since you should vote for as many goalies – or as few – as you want, provided you think each for whom you cast a vote will start 50 or more of his team's games this for the 2021-22 campaign. That means you can vote for as many as ten choices, if indeed you think one from each of the ten teams will start 50+ of its games. If you believe neither of the two options from all ten teams will in fact start 60% of his team's games, then you should vote for none of the 20 choices.

Note that if recent seasons are any indication, someone other than the two listed goalies will start more games than at least one of the listed two. That's not consequential here, as it wouldn't change your vote since it would mean neither of the two listed netminders will have started 60%, so neither one should get your vote. Lastly, let me underscore that although these polls are meant to be enjoyable, please vote objectively, as the results could help shape keeper and/or draft decisions.

Okay – enough build up; here are the actual 20 (i.e., ten team) choices, alphabetically by their team and with the preseason "favorite" listed first. I won't actually identify the percentages of each being the starter though; you'll have to buy the Guide for that precious information!

Arizona – Carter Hutton/Josef Korenar

Most figured Arizona would add someone to the mix, but it ap