Ramblings: McAvoy Signing, Larkin Suspended, Carter Hart and That Which Cannot Be Explained (Oct 16)

Ian Gooding


If there's a time of year where fantasy team managers are the most hyper-focused, this is the one. I see a lot of questions like the following:

"What do you think of my team?" My stock answer: It looks great, but you'll probably want to make waiver-wire moves throughout the season. No fantasy team is a finished product (aside from zero transaction leagues).

"I drafted player A, should I pick up player B from waivers instead?" To that, post the question on the Forum to receive various opinions, use the Player Compare on Frozen Tools, check the rankings, and in the end have faith in your good judgement. Speaking of which, the Top 100 Roto Rankings for October have been released. Feel free to review the rankings and leave feedback.

 "Should I make this trade?" See the above suggestions for pickups. Also focus on how it addresses a weakness on your roster and not solely on how you're getting the better of your opponent. Also beware of 2-for-1 deals where you are giving up the one best player and may have to drop a player to accommodate. And if you're not completely committed to an offer you receive, click Reject and move on.

Charlie McAvoy is establishing himself as one of the league's top defensemen, and now he will be paid as such. McAvoy has signed an eight-year contract worth a total of $76 million. This contract will have a hefty AAV of $9.5 million, and is set to kick in next season. As long as McAvoy can maintain a spot on the first-unit power play, this salary should still make him okay to own in salary cap leagues. Whether the Bruins can remain a playoff team or not over the long term, McAvoy is set to remain in Boston for a while.

Dylan Larkin received a one-game suspension for the following swing on Mathieu Joseph that you will miss if you blink. Just wondering: Shouldn't something have been given to Joseph for what looked like a dangerous hit from behind that provoked all this?

As a result of the suspension, Larkin is set to miss Saturday's game against Vancouver.

Buffalo's opening-night win over Montreal came at a cost. Both