Top 100 Keeper League Goaltenders – October 2021



Here are the Top 100 goaltenders to own in your points-only dynasty leagues – October edition!

The season has begun and there are already a few changes in goalie values (which, as you know) have been akin to a yo-yo these past few years. It’s important to group the goalies into tiers based on their odds of providing consistent value, while balancing their odds of jumping up or down a tier over the next two years. Click any name to be taken to his fantasy hockey profile.

Below are the first three tiers. I posted the an additional two tiers over at Goalie Post here (as well as a few bonus names to watch). Yes – Goalie Post is back and providing you with a 16th season of starting goalie information – FREE. Including email notifications if you want them.

Tier 0

The only goalies who are completely safe owns, and elite owns. They’ll give you plenty of wins, fewer losses, and good peripheral stats. They generally don’t get hurt, and are fairly consistent. Yes, this Tier is a small one.

Oct ’21GoalieTeamRatingSep ’21Tier
1Andrei VasilevskiyTBL94.610
2Connor HellebuyckWPG90.720

Tier 1

Good goaltenders who are the clear starters for their team. They are generally going to be safe picks, they should give you solid stats, and each one has upside for greatness in the coming seasons.

Oct ’21GoalieTeamRatingSep ’21Tier
3Juuse SarosNSH78.431
4Igor ShesterkinNYR76.941
5Tristan JarryPIT75.351
6Jordan BinningtonSTL74.861