Ramblings: More Blackhawks Scandal Info; Kucherov, Doughty Injuries; Atkinson Hot Start (Oct 28)

Ian Gooding


Hey there, it's Ian filling in for Mike today.

I'm going to start with Kyle Beach. As you probably know by now, he revealed himself as the "John Doe" victim of the sexual abuse and cover-up that took place in the Blackhawks organization in 2010. Beach's full 25-minute interview with Rick Westhead is up at the TSN website. It's raw, powerful, and difficult to watch, as it has understandably taken Beach a ton of courage to discuss these events and how they have affected him for the past 11 years. Hopefully Beach receives all the support that he needs today – the support he sadly failed to receive back when he first needed it.

Additional fallout of the Jenner & Block report continued earlier in the day, as Joel Quenneville will meet with Gary Bettman today (Thursday) to discuss his role in the situation. Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff will meet with Bettman on Monday for the same reason. Expect the implications of this report to continue for a while and possibly even trickle down to players on that team.

Somehow, Quenneville was behind the bench for Wednesday's Panthers game against the Bruins. I said this on my Twitter earlier in the day, and I think it bears repeating: Quenneville seems to be prioritizing winning at all costs, both during the Blackhawks' cup run in 2010 and today with the Panthers. I don't know how in clear conscience he didn't step aside until the NHL has at least discussed the matter with him.

If Quenneville ends up leaving his post as the Panthers' coach as a result of all this, we will certainly discuss the implications of a coaching change in a future fantasy take. But for now, I'll leave that side of the analysis for another day.

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