Frozen Tool Forensics: Rising Power Players

Chris Kane


Now that we are a couple of weeks into the season and we have some massive sample sizes to work with (notice the tongue firmly planted in cheek here), I want to turn our attention to players who have been seeing a change in deployment that could impact their fantasy value going forward.

This week on Frozen Tools Forensics: Rising Power Players.

As the title suggests, this week we are going to focus on power plays. The reason for this should be pretty self-explanatory. Power plays score goals at a much higher rate than five on five play, so a player getting a significant power-play role should be putting up points more effectively than one who is not.

At the start of the season we often see some new looks on the power plays. It could be new faces in new places, new roles opening up on teams, a new coach, or a coach just wanting to try something different. Whatever the reason it is worth keeping an eye out for players who are suddenly given a new opportunity.

This week we are going to track down players who are getting power-play deployment that did not have it in the past. In terms of literal process it means we are going to compare the first few weeks of this season to the last month or so of last season and see what has changed. There are actually several reports we could access for this information, but today I picked the ever useful, Big Board. As described above I ran the report twice, once for the current stats, and once for the last month of last season. I also put in a filter of five games to eliminate players with lower sample sizes. Additionally I ran these reports on Wednesday, so it will not include data from Wednesday or Thursday night. Once I exported the reports I was able to pull the necessary columns together to create the sheets below.

One additional note. I am using percent of power-play time as literal time on ice can fluctuate quite a bit during small sample sizes, and because it helps identify who is seeing 'top unit' time (usually more than 50 percent).

Our main event will be those players who are gaining in time, but let's take a quick detour and see who is losing out.

NamePosTeamGPGAPTSSOG%PP 21-22%PP 20-21% PP Δ
VICTOR RASKCMIN510171.263.00-61.80