Ramblings: Chychrun’s Run at History; Eichel’s Surgery; Stone; Batherson; McAvoy & More (Nov 14)

Alexander MacLean


A few years ago, Dobber was closely tracking Andreas Athanasiou in his quest for the most abysmal season ever, at least in terms of plus-minus. Through his first 12 games, Athanasiou was minus-16, and if it weren't for a mid-season injury, he may have given the minus-100 mark a good run. As it was, he finished at minus-46 through 55 games (with a trade from Detroit to Edmonton really evening things out over the last 10 games).

The all-time mark for the lowest plus-minus in a season is minus-82, by defenceman William Robert Mikkelson, playing for the Washington Capitals in their inaugural season. This year, Jacob Chychrun is looking to give that mark a run, already sitting at minus-22 and was minus-20 through his first 12 games. Not only is he on a historic pace, he's blowing it out of the water!

I'll keep tracking that as the season goes on. In the meantime, he scored his first of the season… on the power play, so no plus marker for that one.


Jack Eichel had his ADR surgery on Friday, and early reports are saying it was a successful procedure and everything looks great right now. Eichel himself was saying he felt a lot better.

I know everyone is penciling him in with Max Pacioretty and Mark Stone when everyone is healthy, but I am starting to wonder if that makes the most sense. Eichel can be a 100-point player with whatever wingers he is given. Meanwhile, Pacioretty and Stone have formed one of the best lines in the league when flanking Chandler Stephenson, so if you put all three together, how much better are they really going to be? My thinking is that there is more to gain with them apart than together, and ideally you run a lineup that looks something like this:

Patrick – Eichel – Dadonov

Pacioretty – Stephenson – Stone

Marchessault – Karlsson – Smith

Janmark – Roy – Kolesar

I am however aware that Vegas doesn't have the cap spac