Capped: Point-Per-Dollar Values this Season for Petterson, Wheeler, Kadri, and More

Logan Doyle


This week we'll check in on eight players and their cost-per-point production. I will review four players on each side of the coin – four players offering really good returns and four players that could be tanking the first half of your season.

I will cover both their actual cost-per-point value and their point-per-million in salary pro-rated over the full 82-game schedule. I will also include the point pace required to reach fair value by season end. This is obviously more important for the four slumping players than the four playing well. 

Let's start with the bad news:

Elias Pettersson, Vancouver Canucks – 7.35M

Games: 23 Goals: 4  Assists: 7  Points: 11

Cost-Per-Point: $668 181

Pace: 39 points; Points-per-million: 5.3

Life with that new contract is not treating Pettersson well. Only JT Miller seems unfazed by the catastrophe that has been Vancouver's season to date.

He has points in B2B games only once and only two multi-point games. He'll have a shift here and there where you think, 'there's the Pettersson I've been looking for.' Only for him to disappear the rest of the period or game. Everything appears off by half a step. Either he's half a step too quick or too slow. Things aren't jiving for him or the team.

To give you proper value Pettersson needs to deliver at a 1.06 point-per-game pace the rest of the way. The longer this cold streak and turmoil in Vancouver lingers the harder it'll become for him to reach 74-points. A far cry from the 90-plus owners desired.

Rest of season needs: 63 points in 59 games.

Blake Wheeler, Winnipeg Jets – $8.25M

Games: 17 Goals: 0 Assists: 7 Points: 7

Cost-Per-Point: $1 178 571

Pace: 32 points;  Points-per-million: 3.87

This is not what we expect from Wheeler. He's had six straight years with .9 point-per-game or better. Few players offer more consistent production than he does.

Unlike Vancouver, Winnipeg has been playing reasonably well. To say nothing has gone Wheeler's way this year is being kind. He missed five games in October due to a positive COVI