Ramblings: Postponements Again, Bertuzzi/Larkin, Pavelski, Foegele (Dec 19)

Ian Gooding


Postponements due to COVID meant that a normally busy Saturday of 10 games was whittled down to just five games. The highly anticipated Canucks/Leafs game was officially postponed, as both teams had additional players enter COVID protocol on Saturday: Jack Campbell, TJ Brodie, and Travis Dermott for the Leafs; Tyler Myers for the Canucks. Sunday matchups of Toronto at Seattle and Arizona at Vancouver were also postponed.  

In addition, the Bruins and Predators were the latest teams to be shut down until after the holiday break. Now we're up to five of the league's 32 teams that will not play next week: Boston, Calgary, Colorado, Florida, and Nashville. Have fun projecting the ideal week next week for your fantasy team. Hopefully your team's core players don't consist of a combination similar to Brad Marchand, Elias Lindholm, Nathan MacKinnon, Jonathan Huberdeau, and Roman Josi.

I won't try to interpret next week's schedule in detail here, since further postponements or even a league-wide pause could happen. Everything is literally hour by hour right now. But assuming the league decides not to implement an early Christmas break, you'll want to keep in mind that next week is a short week with games only scheduled from Monday to Thursday. Check your league settings to find out whether next week is combined with the following week to form one scoring period, or if it is a standalone scoring period.

If you wish to look at next week's schedule to plan ahead anyway, you can do so at the Frozen Tools Schedule Planner. I will mention that postponed games are removed very quickly by Frozen Tools so that the schedule that shows isn't misleading.