Ramblings: Christmas Eve Fantasy Hockey Wish List Including Kucherov,

Michael Clifford


Well, we're here. It is Christmas Eve for those who celebrate, and the NHL is officially on its pause. (I suppose it depends on what team you're playing for, because your break may have started days ago.) Regardless, the NHL's official break is the 24th through the 26th, so that gives us a few days away from NHL news.

Every year around this time, in the spirit of the holiday, I post my fantasy wish list. As a fantasy owner, I'm a greedy person. I want to see the players I'm invested in do well, and do better. So, in that spirit, every year, I try to manifest things I want to see in the fantasy game. Will most of these help my fantasy roster? Absolutely. But it's my wish list, so here we go. (Stats from Frozen Tools and Natural Stat Trick)


I like to play NHL best balls. For those unfamiliar, they are leagues where you draft your roster, and that's it. A certain number of players – say, two centers, three wingers, two defencemen, and one goalie – apply to your final score and that's it. No trades, no waivers. It is good draft prep and it's fun to try different strategies.

In best balls, stacking line mates is a good idea, and I did that a lot. One particular duo I had a lot of was Bennett-Huberdeau in Florida. Seeing as it's Christmas and Sam Bennett has five assists, that's not going super well. Another duo I invested in heavily was Brayden Point and Nikita Kucherov. They have combined for 19 games played, so, no, that's not going well either.

My wish here is simply for Tampa to get healthy. Kudos to the coaches and players for staying afloat through these severe injuries, it has been a great run. But I need my top fantasy options back in the lineup, and in the lineup consistently, if possible. Seeing them on the ice for practice on Boxing Day or something? I could not imagine a better present.

Power-Play Time for the Other Breadman

As with every player in the NHL, to hit their true fantasy upside, top (and productive) power-play minutes are a necessity. Just ask Nikolaj Ehlers – we'll get to him – about not getting the ice time that is necessary for monster production.

When it comes to