Ramblings: Rask Signs PTO, Kucherov Returns, Rossi/Boldy Debuts (Jan 7)

Ian Gooding


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As I'm writing Ramblings and completing other editing duties here for the next few days, I'm also writing the goalie information for the Midseason Guide. That means the next few days' Ramblings may seem briefer and to the point while I try to juggle everything. Maybe a little less BS, which can be a good thing (or maybe not, you be the judge). I won't break down Thursday’s later games in as much detail, as I'll try to pick them up tomorrow when the schedule is lighter. There's enough meat to chew on from the early games anyway.

Tuukka Rask is making his way back to Boston. The veteran goalie has signed an AHL tryout with the Providence Bruins and is expected to start as soon as possible. He was expected to start on Friday, but the game has since been postponed. I'm sure Rask and the Bruins already have a contract in the drawer that will be officially signed assuming Rask isn't injured or has a disastrous AHL start. Boston's cap space is razor-thin, so expect this to be a very team-friendly contract even with Rask's pedigree.

To pre-emptively answer the question, "Should I drop Jeremy Swayman?", I would wait a bit. I don't know what Rask's timeline would be for regular starts, but I would imagine he would be eased in at first once he is signed. That may result in Swayman not being sent to the AHL right away even with Rask on the roster, so wait until it is official. Swayman started Thursday's game, which turned out to be a 3-2 loss to Minnesota, the team that I'll talk about next.

It was more out of necessity than a flair for the dramatic, but Wild top prospects Marco Rossi and Matt Boldy both made their NHL debuts on Thursday. Boldy was even able to score his first NHL goal in front of family and friends in his home state of Massachusetts.

Boldy finished the game with his goal and a plus-1 and four shots in 13:13 of icetime (which included second-unit power-play minutes),