Ramblings: New NHL Schedule; Ehlers Update: Tippett’s Season; Blues Lineup – January 20

Michael Clifford


The NHL released a revised schedule on Wednesday, updating all 32 teams' future, given all the postponements in the past. Some teams were more influenced than others but every team has some significant schedule movement to discuss.

There will be a lot more on this in the near-future here at Dobber. Our 'Looking Ahead' column, for starters, will be vital for readers to peruse on Fridays. (Or even more vital than before, let's say.) There will also be updates to the schedule planner tool over among our Frozen Tools. We will have all these updates covered, do not worry, fantasy hockey fans.

I did want to take a bit of time to just review some things that jumped out at me as I looked at some revisions. Whether it's back-to-backs or a compressed schedule or what have you, these are a few changes that caught my eye. All taken from the NHL's official press release here.

For starters, the Sens and the Islanders have the most changes. As for Ottawa, they have a really compressed schedule following the All-Star break: nine games in 14 days from February 7th through February 20th. As for the Islanders, they're a little bit more spread out, as nearly half their rescheduled games (6/13) come in March or April.

The Oilers have a similarly compressed schedule with eight games in 13 days spanning February 8th through the 20th. Among those eight games are three sets of back-to-backs, which could put a strain on their goaltending depth. Actually, that could just put a strain on the whole team in general because if a couple of those B2Bs don't go their way, they could fall behind in the playoff race quickly.  

Carolina also has a compressed schedule but not as bad as the other two teams with eight games in 14 days during that faux-Olympic break.

February looks packed now. Starting February 8th, there are now at least four games each day until February 28th. That means lots of heavier-than-usual Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Sunday slates, and that's going to make season long fantasy hockey exciting for the next six weeks. There are going to be more viable players every week than normal, and players will really have to look ahead on individual schedules to figure the best waiver adds they can make. Fantasy owners will have to put on their best dancing shoes to survive into fantasy playoffs in March.


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