Ramblings – A Couple of Sleepers, Boldy’s Outlook, Concern Over Mittelstadt and more (Jan 31)



The Midseason Fantasy Hockey Guide was released on Friday (January 14). You can buy it here and download it right away. This will still be helpful until the All-Star break this coming weekend.


I spoke in a recent Ramblings about how well Viktor Arvidsson was doing, and alluded to the fact that from an offensive standpoint his linemates were beneath him. They work well together in terms of each bringing something different to the table – Philip Danault an elite checking forward, Trevor Moore a hardworking guy with hustle, and Arvidsson with underrated hands and smarts. But I'm starting to wonder if I've undersold Moore. With two goals on Sunday, Moore actually has 16 points in his last 14 games. That's easily the hottest run of his NHL career. He was a point-per-game player in college and in his third and final AHL season he was hovering around that mark as well. At 169 career NHL games, his Breakout Threshold is coming in late March. So a small bump in his production in the second half was to be expected. But this? Sometimes, true chemistry can really bring the most out of a player, even without a superstar as part of the trio.

If Moore can somehow reach 50 points this year, then he'll punch his ticket maintaining his spot on this line as a top-sixer next season. By the time the high-end prospects find their way on this team, Moore will be an unrestricted free agent (summer of 2023). His next team would sign him based on next year's numbers, and so he could wind up seeing quite a bit of dough coming his way. How well he sustains this chemistry on that line – and it sure looks as if it's heading that way – will determine his deployment next season. I'm obviously not saying he's a point-per-game player, I'm just saying that with 36 games left he's on pace to finish with 41 points and I think he gets at least close to 50 (say 47?). That means another 24 points in those 36 contests.


Sidney Crosby needed a few games after his injury to find his mojo. After just two points in his first seven games, he has 36 in his last 26 including two on Sunday. The 34-year-old is not on a normal player's career timeline. When