Top 300 Keeper League Skaters – March 2022



Here are the Top 300 skaters to own in your points-only dynasty leagues – March edition!

As always, players ranked between +/- 5.0 rating points should be considered equal value and at that point become a matter of team needs or personal bias.

Click any player name to be taken to his fantasy hockey profile and stats section – we customized it for your fantasy hockey needs.

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1Connor McDavidEDM 423.8110
2Leon DraisaitlEDM 335.2220
3Jonathan HuberdeauFLA 226.7441
4Nathan MacKinnonCOL 219.633-1
5Auston MatthewsTOR 208.3550
6Kirill KaprizovMIN 198.5690
7Mikko RantanenCOL 193.79102
8Nikita KucherovTBL 192.9870
9Artemi PanarinNYR 186.876-2
10Mitchell MarnerTOR 184.111111