Ramblings: Updates on Batherson and Heiskanen; New Roles for Durzi and Dahlen – March 11

Michael Clifford


It was a huge 13-game slate in the NHL last night. After the last month or so where we had a lot of make-up games, and thus had a lot of reasonable nights of five, six, or seven games, it was a reminder of how the NHL usually works up their schedule: a couple games on M-W-F and absolutely loaded nights on T-Th-Sa. Not complaining about a lot of hockey but I really hope the NHL figures out their schedule in the near future.

Anyway, we had some big news on Thursday, depending which team you're a fan of, and what qualifies as "big news".

First, we have a Rasmus Ristolainen extension:

It would be nice to say this came out of left field, but I've been an NHL fan for too long. It really wasn't that long ago that the Vancouver Canucks gave Tyler Myers his huge contract. The team has been outscored by 11 with him on the ice at 5-on-5 over the last three years, and that's with a .921 save percentage behind him. It hasn't been great. It isn't that he's awful, it's just these are the kinds of contracts that just are… there. Ristolainen is not worth $5M a season, he never has been, and unless he overhauls his game, he never will be. But he is tall and hits a lot, so the Flyers just love him.

Anyway, cap league players will get some savings here as his AAV does come down. And he does post a lot of peripherals, as he's sitting with 267 hits+blocks in 49 games on the year, heading into Thursday night. I guess the lower AAV than his current contract means it'll also be easier to swallow the fact he's seen his points per game decline for five years straight. With little production, it's all peripherals for that $5M AAV in cap leagues. It'll be up to owners to decide if he's worth it.   


A positive update on Drake Batherson: