Lining Up: Goaltending Battles for Binnington and Knight; Fleury in Minnesota

Peter Ryell


Welcome back to another edition of Lining Up. This iteration will continue examining goaltending battles across the league. With the trade deadline ending yesterday, there is also a need to revisit the situation in Minnesota, particularly that in net with Cam Talbot and Marc-André Fleury.

Let's dive in.

Jordan BinningtonVille Husso

Probably not what St. Louis had in mind when they signed their Stanley Cup-winning goalie to a six-year $36 million contract, but there is currently a battle for who is lining up on the crease right now for the Blues. Due to poor performances by Binnington, Husso has received more than two thirds of his 26 starts since January and is really making a case to be the number one guy going forward. When comparing their numbers it is hard to argue against:


2.34 GAA, 0.926 SV%, 61.5 QS%, 11.84 GSAA.


3.11 GAA, 0.905 SV%, 37.9 QS%, -7.30 GSAA.

Binnington has played in three more games but the numbers between both goaltenders are very different with Husso putting up a strong season. Despite the poor play, Binnington continues to see action as he is the goalie being paid six million and is still receiving the trust of the coaching staff. Even though it would behoove St. Louis to turn to Husso more often, expect both goalies to continue being close to even with starts down the stretch. In particular during fantasy playoffs, St. Louis will play four games the first week and four the second so there will at minimum be back to backs for Binnington to see action if you are still holding out on him.

Sergei BobrovskySpencer Knight

This tandem is more about the goalie battle that many thought was going to happen but never came to fruition. Indeed, in his first two seasons with Florida Bobrovsky did not appear to be earning his $10 million contract and Knight appeared late last season with an excellent performance to steal starts. As expected however, when you are paying a goalie such a significant sum of money you will undoubtedly give them every opportunity to earn it. This season Bobrovsky made no mistake and has posted his best numbers since arriving in Florida. Let's compare the two:


2.57 GAA, 0.917 SV%, 58.5 QS%, 6.76 GSAA.


2.88 GAA, 0.906 SV%, 47.8 QS%, -3.08 GSAA.

Bobrovsky has also been a great beneficiary of playing behind this squad, having 30 wins in 41 games, providing owners with a W nearly 75% of the time. Comparatively, Knight has only won games in just over half of his 23 starts. Despite everything leaning in Bobrovsky's favour, at 45% rostered in Yahoo leagues it appears that a surprising portion of owners still believe Knight can steal more starts. He has a higher ownership rate than Kaapo Kahkonen at 33% but has started less games and has worse numbers. Certainly Knight would be the goalie of the future for Florida but so long as Bobrovsky is posting passable