Ramblings: Shesterkin’s Struggles; Selling Sorokin; Old Faces in New Places; New Contracts Galore (Mar 23)

Alexander MacLean


Dobber had you covered all on his own on Monday and did a fantastic job breaking down all the fantasy takes for the relevant deadline deals. You can find all those pieces linked here.


There were a few signings too, and it sounded like Lou Lamoriello didn't get any deals done, so out of spite he processed two extensions right before 3pm just to jam up the NHL's phone lines. Those two extensions were for Zach Parise at $750K, and Cal Clutterbuck at $1.75 million – both for one year. Careful in cap leagues that count AAV though, as Parise will cost you $1.5M there because of bonuses. Both should be in the bottom half of the lineup though, so neither should be close to your radar.

On that note, it does sound like Lou believes in his current core, and doesn't want to go through a rebuild. Between Ilya Sorokin, Ryan Pulock, Noah Dobson, and Mat Barzal, it's tough to blame him. However, the talent drop off is swift and steep from there, and the reality is that the East is super competitive as it is, not to mention Ottawa growing, New Jersey who should come back next year with a real goalie and be a playoff contender, and Buffalo & Montreal that have looked much better since the mid-season mark.

For that reason, I would be softly looking to sell Ilya Sorokin right now (if your trade deadline hasn't passed) and then definitely let the league know that you will at least listen to offers in the offseason. The performance of Igor Shesterkin is showing everyone that there is a new wave of goaltenders around the league, and being a Russian counterpart, Sorokin gets lumped in with him. However, the Isles are a lesser team, and have a second