Frozen Tool Forensics: Roster Winners and Losers

Chris Kane


Depending on your fortunes and your schedule you might be eliminated from contention, finishing your finals week, or maybe pushing through to the end of the season. This is always a tricky time to produce content as everyone is in such a different place. My goal this week is to highlight a few roster changes that are relevant heading into the weekend and the rest of the season, but also may be worth monitoring for those teams headed to the playoffs.

Even at this late stage in the game, players are still getting new and different deployment, sometimes for good, sometimes for ill. I grabbed two different reports comparing player's time on ice, one for the last week, and one for the last month to get an idea of what is happening now and what has changed over the last couple of weeks. Frozen Tools makes this really easy by allowing you to set custom date ranges, set a minimum number of games (I used three over the last week), and specify skater position (we are only looking at forwards today). I exported the reports and combined them to get all of the necessary data in one place. We will be focused on percentages as opposed to straight time on ice in the reports as actual time in play states can fluctuate based on the number of penalties drawn, overtimes, etc.

(Note: All data is as of April 14.)

First up we are looking at which players have increased their even strength share the most. For this look I added an additional filter of 15 total minutes. I wanted to focus on players that were likely reasonably fantasy relevant and a player who gets 10 minutes isn't going to cut it, even if they have increased from five.

   Last WeekLast MonthChange
VASILY PODKOLZINLVAN26.730.229.5211323.65.717.25.9
JACK ROSLOVICCCBJ37.143.534.930.636.829.
GUSTAV NYQUISTLCBJ35.95931.131.462.827.34.5-3.83.8

Some exciting developments here. First up in Vancouver, Vasily Podkolzin is skating with JT Miller. Podkolzin's deployment has shifted over the course of the season, but it has bumped up for the last three games. He has even gotten a few shift