Capped: Additions for the Final Week, Including McNabb, Ceci, Granlund, and More

Jamie Molloy


At this point, your league should be in their final matchup of the season to determine who wins the grand prize of bragging rights, your league's trophy, cash prizes, etc, … To those that lost in Round 2, don't feel bad, not every team gets that far so that is an accomplishment in its own. To those that have advanced to the finals, I would like to congratulate you for making it there and try to not stress out about it. At the end of the day, fantasy sports are all for fun and we do it because we love the game so try and enjoy the experience of the finals while you can. You can reflect on the playoffs in the offseason and see what you did right and what you did wrong. Hopefully with the lengthy offseason you can formulate some more strategies to take with you into the next season.

The championships are some of the most nail-biting experiences that I have faced, but they are also some of the most enjoyable. I'm here to share with you some of the guys that are worth looking at adding to your team to help you close out the season.

* The championships that my leagues have run during the last two weeks of the regular season, yours may be different, so please make sure you know your own format before taking any sort of advice from anybody! *

* Not done in a particular order, the positions come from the official NHL website and your leagues may have players listed differently, so make sure you pay attention as to what positions are listed on your platforms before making any transactions! *

* For the 'Powerplay' and 'Shorthanded' sections in the stat tables, it is saying how many powerplay and how many shorthanded points that they have, not goals. Just to clarify! *

#1) Brayden McNabb – D – Vegas Golden Knights

Contract: $2.5M – 1 Year remaining (Extended for $2.85M for 3 years starting next season)
Roster Percentages: 31.9% ESPN, 14% Yahoo, 26% Fantrax

GamesGoalsAssistsShotsPowerplayShorthandedHitsBlocksFaceoff %TOI

This is mainly for those that play in leagues that score by categories, as Brayden McNabb is not a point-heavy playe