Capped: Secondary Players With Big Production Potential for 2022-23

Jamie Molloy


The regular season was an incredibly wild ride this year, between the number of large-scale injuries that a lot of players faced, the first 82 game season since the COVID-19 pandemic made its appearance, and the super-star production that we got to witness from a wide range of players across the league. A lot of players took a step when it came to producing on the scoresheet this season and a lot of them, I would classify as being repeat performers next season. If some of the secondary players on the playoff teams can carry their momentum over from the regular season, some teams are going to go on a nice deep run towards the Stanley Cup.

This week's article of 'Capped' is going to be aimed at those who are currently doing playoff pools, along with those of you who are looking to get an early start on next season. I'm going to be covering some of the secondary players, or the more underrated and the lesser-known players to the casual fans. These are some of the players that I think are poised to produce in the first round of the playoffs, along with those that I believe have the potential to produce at a similar level next season.

* With the NHL regular season having concluded, Fantrax doesn't seem to be showing the roster percentages for the players so for the time being I will be omitting Fantrax's roster percentages *

#1) David Perron – LW – St. Louis Blues
Contract: $4M – 1 Year remaining (UFA this summer)
Roster Percentages: 82.5% ESPN, 77% Yahoo

GamesGoalsAssistsShotsPowerplayShorthandedHitsBlocksFaceoff %TOI

While the St. Louis Blues may have limped their way into the playoffs with two losses to end their regular season, David Perron managed to end the season on a positive note by having eight points in the last 10 games (4 goals, 4 assists). Currently slotted as their second right-winger, Perron sits on the right side of that line with Ryan O'Reilly in the middle and Brandon Saad on the opposing wing, along with being on the second powerplay unit. No matter where David Perron slots into on that roster he is worth rostering. Between the 2017-18 playoffs and the 2019-20 playoffs, Perron has amassed a total of 34 points (12 goals, 22 assists) in 50 games, which is good for a scoring rate of 0.68 points per game. During the 2019-20 playoffs, he was a point per game through the nine games that he got to play. While Perron may be a free agent this summer, the rest of the main weapons on St. Louis still have at least another season on their contracts. I don't believe there is a chance St. Louis lets Perron go this summer, they don't have many free agents, but they also don't have a whole lot of cap space. With Perron obviously needing a r