Ramblings: Trotz Fired; Norris Finalists; Reviewing the Seasons of Sorokin, Oettinger, and Vanecek – May 10

Michael Clifford


The very big, and very surprising, news that came down Monday morning was that the New York Islanders had fired coach Barry Trotz. The team missed the playoffs this year, but had made the postseason three years running, and had won at least a round in all three seasons. That was the first time the Islanders managed that in over 30 years. That is why this is such a shock; this is a great coach that took the team further than anyone else in decades. Dobber had his thoughts on the firing here.

Whether Trotz wants to keep coaching, or move into management, there'll be opportunities for him elsewhere in the league. It'll be interesting to see who ends up with the Islanders, because this is not a high-end offensive team, and they have a lot of aging core players.  


The NHL released the finalists for the Norris Trophy on Monday, and they are as follows:

This likely tracks from what a lot of people were chattering about online. Cale Makar threatened for 30 goals, something defencemen rarely do, while posting 86 points in 77 games. As pointed out by Marc-Antoine Godin, Colorado was even better defensively when he was on the ice than they were without him:

We can speculate about the impact of Devon Toews but according to HockeyViz, the team was still very strong offensively (expected goals/60 of 3.06) and defensively (expected goals against/60 of 2.29) when Makar w