Frozen Tool Forensics: Most Valuable Right Winger

Chris Kane


Last week we made an imperfect attempt to find the league's most valuable center. Not every league is the same size, or uses the same settings, but we were able to highlight several notable performances. This week we are going to continue our series and look at right wingers.

This week on Frozen Tool Forensics: Most Valuable Right Wing

Quick notes on data from first article:

For the purposes of this article we are going to use standard Yahoo point scoring to come up with a value for each player. That (unfortunately) includes plus/minus, and categories like hits and penalty minutes in addition to goals, assists, and power-play points…The draft position data data was pulled from Yahoo at the start of the season, and only for the top-200 players. The number 200 was picked as it is a round number that is a reasonable (if slightly low) approximation for a lot of leagues and it is a pain to export data from Yahoo. It also will not completely match Yahoo's current ADPs as those will take into account drafts that took place once the year began….Oh and we are pulling all of the season data from Frozen Tool's Multi-Cat report to ensure we get those hits, blocks, PIMs, and plus/minus.

So who were 21-22's highest scoring right wings?

NamePosTeamGPPTS/GFantasy PtsFantasy Rank

Just outside the top five, and ranked in the 50s overall, were Joe Pavelski (50), Sam Reinhart (53), and David Pastrnak (59).

This list is clearly impacted by the inclusion of hits and penalty minutes. Tom Wilson is only in the top five when his 240 hits and 98 penalty minutes are taken into account. Nikita Kucherov and Patrick Kane (both well over a point per game) are the 109th and 130th overall ranked players. Kucherov was clearly hurt by only playing 47 games, but since neither are particularly physical their value is reduced in this context.

I am not surprised to see Matthew Tkachuk on the top five list; his 104-point pace and over three shots per game have been quite the revelation all season, but it is a little surprising to see him as the top ranked player in this scoring format. The value placed on hits is clearly helping boost him.

It is also great to see Vladimir Tarasenko's name. He had an incre