DFS Saturday: Game 7 Ride or Die Lineups

Stephen Dotzel


With the elimination of Minnesota on Thursday, we are left with just a three-game slate for this Saturday. With only six teams in action you may want to consider either taking a stand on one or two teams or if playing multiple lineups, you could always spread it around and try to cover as much as possible in the hopes of landing on one or two really, really good lineups. It doesn't make much sense for me to write up five teams in this article, so I'll just give you the two I'd be taking a stand on and trying to take down a tournament with.

But before that, just a few reminders. Regardless of your team preference, correlation is still king, especially on these really small slates. With only a handful of goals being scored each day now, it's key to also be picking up as many of the assists that go with them as possible, as those points go a long way now. To get the assist your player obviously has to be on the ice with the goal scorer, so stacking even-strength lines or power-play units is key. Something to keep in mind when building lineups.

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The "Only playing one lineup so I'm riding or dying with"

Tampa Bay – There will be a theme here. There are two teams in action, both at home, both in Canada, both with ENORMOUS amounts of pressure, and both with histories of falling short in big moments. So until they prove they can win a game like this, they become the target for stacks. Toronto is the first of these two teams and while I truly believe Toronto is the better team, I can't trust them here. The Lightning have been here before and just know how to win. I'm going to stack Mr. Playoffs Brayden Point ($5,300), with Nikita Kucherov ($7,300), Steven Stamkos ($6,800), and one of Victor Hedman ($7,000) or Mikhail Sergachev ($3,500).

Los Angeles – The other team I referenced above was Edmonton and while the Kings certainly don't have the pedigree the Lightning do (of late anyway),