Ramblings: Salary Cap Content; Rangers Big Nights; Matheson v Marino & More (May 25)

Alexander MacLean


Busy two days here with my salary projections coming out yesterday, cap league skater rankings this morning, and cap league goalie rankings tomorrow. I'm going to say a quick work on each of those before getting into a few other thoughts.

Salary projections: I've been working on these for the last five years, and they're a lot of fun. I try not to take them too seriously, but they are also something I work hard on to try and make it a little better each time around. Check them out, and whether you're in a cap league or not, I think you'll find something interesting in there.  

Cap league skater and goalie rankings: These I've been doing the last couple of years, and though they are a lot more work, they're a little more rewarding as there is something a little more substantial outputted. They've constantly getting tweaked, and with comments from readers on what their leagues are looking for, I can also take those notes into account to make sure the numbers check out for the wide range of league styles and formats that we're all trying to manage. Personally, the lists really help me out with finding new names to target in the offseason, guys who are underrated, be it on the lower end of the spectrum, or even star players that should be considered more valuable than their peers who are being drafted higher. Jack Campbell, Vincent Trocheck, and a few others are guys I was able to key in on last summer and acquire for 80 cents on the dollar. Take a look and see if you can find your own names this summer.


On that note, Rick Roos has his latest fantasy hockey poll article out this morning, and he's challenging you to pick out the top players who are going to be the biggest UFA disappointments this year. The poll is live now over on the forums too.


Sticking with free agents, one of the key fantasy changes is possibly going to be when Kris Letang leaves the Penguins, and they need to find someone to fill that void. Mike Matheson is the player that some are thinking may see a big jump in deployment, however over the course of the season, it was very close between Matheson and John Marino. Marino saw a bit more deployment with the man advantage, had slightly better shot results, though both defencemen finished the season with two power play points.

Matheson is more of a shooter, which would replace Letang's style of play a little better, and it's tough to want to mess with such an effective power play over the last number of seasons. On that note, Marino does have the better track record with the Penguins over th