Ramblings – Looking at Durzi vs. Spence, Vrana, Mantha, Bratt, Jeannot and More… (June 20)



The Fantasy Prospects Report was released on June 14! If you didn't pick it up, you can do so here. If you downloaded it on the 14th, please note that I did make a small update that included one added profile and several fixed typos (including a small fix in the Top 50 consensus chart, which had a player in there twice with different spellings).

And now I turn my attention to the Fantasy Hockey Guide. Yes, "the Bible" of fantasy hockey. Not a lot I can do without knowing the rosters yet, but there is still some work that can be done in terms of preparation and analyzing the team analytics from last year.

Unrestricted Free Agency opens July 13 and the NHL Entry Draft is July 7.


I was looking at some players last week, as I tend to do pretty often (as you do too – you know all about what I'm saying!), I lost myself a little bit inside the Frozen Tools rabbit hole. I was in the Player Compare section, looking at Sean Durzi vs. Jordan Spence. Both are available players in my deep dynasty league (15 teams, 35+ players per team). Both will be drafted I'm sure in the first three rounds, possibly even the first two. I have a lot of picks in the first two rounds and would consider taking one if he fell far enough and I had everybody else I wanted. But if I had my choice of either one – who would I take?

Durzi was drafted higher, is a little older/more established, has impressive PP production (14 PPPts), loves to shoot the puck, sees more PP time and is a big part of the power play (PP IPP of 87.5%) when he's out there. Spence has better Corsi/Fenwick numbers and a higher Offensive Zone Start%. Both players had ridiculous junior numbers and in their final AHL seasons Durzi had 16 points in 13 games while Spence had 42 in 46. All of this information was already at our fingertips in the player profiles we have over at Frozen Tools.

So which one would be the safer pick? Which one has higher upside? Upside seems like a wash. Durzi seems a little safer. Scrolling further down the Compare Players page, there was an ice time chart that, while it looked fancy, really didn't add anything. How would a Player Usage Chart look using just those two players? Well, I went to the PUC section and took a look. Here is what I found: