Ramblings: Season Reviews Of Zach Werenski, Brent Burns, and Cam York- June 24

Michael Clifford


This isn't really related to fantasy but it's very good news for Ottawa fans. It appears that a new NHL arena is one the way, in the form of a multi-purpose facility/area. This was announced on Thursday morning in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding:

For anyone unfamiliar with the goings-on here, Ottawa's current facility is about a 20-minute drive out of downtown (in good traffic). This new arena would be downtown by the water, a stone's throw from the Québec border, and maybe 10 blocks from Parliament. It should be easier to attract fans there, which should help their revenues.

There is still a lot to be hashed out here and taxpayers generally get screwed on new sports arenas. This is a necessary step for this specific franchise, though, so for now we'll just count it as a positive. It is Friday, after all.


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