Frozen Tool Forensics: The Final Four

Chris Kane


Welcome to our final playoff deployment review. We are wrapping up with the final four teams for the 2021-22 playoff season: Colorado, Edmonton, Tampa Bay, and New York (Rangers).

Given that these are the final four, they have the biggest sample sizes. In most cases we are looking at between 16-23 games depending on the team in question. Tampa players tend to have the most games played (the most rounds, plus no sweeps), where Edmonton has the fewest. These numbers obviously fluctuate a bit for specific players if they were benched or injured.

So far we have been working under the caveat that these trends should be taken with a grain of salt because they are small sample sizes, and at the end of the day these teams lost. At this point though we are dealing with a lot of teams that had quite a bit of success in the playoffs. Making the conference final is a pretty clear measuring stick that something worked. The caveats here are just that this was playoff hockey so might be a slightly different style of game than the regular season and that some of these teams will have some big off-season decisions to make, but let's dig into what the data can tell us.

Additional notes from last week's article.

And now on to the process. We will be looking at deployment and specifically percent of time on the power-play, at even strength, and total time on ice. We will be using percent as overtime games can add significant time to a player's overall count without changing that player's real deployment opportunity. In order to get this data we will be running a custom Time on Ice report for the playoffs and comparing that to a second custom Time on Ice report for the last two months of the regular season. That comparison will tell us which players have gained or lost time between these two samples.

 So now on to the data. First up: Total Time on Ice

NamePosAgeTeamGP%PP Playoff%EV Playoff%TOI Playoff%PP Season%EV Season%TOI Season%PP Change%EV Change%TOI Change
NICHOLAS PAULC27T.B2321.62829.82.925.524.718.702.505.10
ADAM FOXD24NYR2073.339.842.472.435