Ramblings: Draft Day! Wright And Slafkovsky; Drew Doughty And Ryan Strome’s Fantasy Future – July 7

Michael Clifford


Tonight is the night that plenty of hockey fans, analysts, and media members wait for every year: the Entry Draft. For analysts like those over at Dobber Prospects, this is the culmination of a year (more precisely, a few years) of scouting this crop of players. This particular group of players, as well as the one before it, has been tough because of the many COVID pauses/breaks that various leagues have had, which also put a strain on in-person viewings and interviews. All the same, it's a big day in the hockey world and the excitement is rampant.

Remember to grab your copy of the 2022 Dobber Fantasy Hockey Prospects Report, too. It has hundreds of profiles of players both already drafted and on their way, breaking them down team by team. The Dobber group discusses upside, NHL-readiness, and a whole host of prospect-related issues.

I would also be remiss not to mention the Dobber Prospect's team final rankings for this draft. We have a great group of scouts/analysts all over the hockey world that cover a variety of leagues and this is a good place to get their thoughts on their top-100 players. I very much recommend seeing what they have to say, outside of the profiles written in the Prospects Report.


In my Ramblings on Tuesday, I talked about a few players of note/interest to me, in particular, with this upcoming draft. In that Ramblings, Byron Bader's Hockey Prospecting site was brought up, which is one of the hockey stats-ish sites where I subscribe. I described some of the issues that I had with Juraj Slafkovsky, as a Habs fan and seeing some scuttle about him possibly going first overall. Namely, my concern that his dominance with his size won't mean near as much as a 17- or 18-year-old compared to five years down the road. My basic point is that teams shouldn't draft Slafkovsky hoping that he'll be a roster player immediately, bur rather that he'll end up a superstar by the age