Ramblings: Forsberg Returning to Nashville; Rankings Fallers DeAngelo, Jones (Jul 10)

Ian Gooding


Strike a key name off your free agent board. Several days before free agency begins, Filip Forsberg has agreed to an eight-year contract extension worth $8.5 million per season. Alex MacLean projected $8,394,700 per season for Forsberg, which is pretty darn close. See the rest of his projections here.

I have to be honest: I wasn't sure this signing was going to happen after the Predators traded for Ryan McDonagh last weekend. I saw the trade as a possible signal that Forsberg had priced himself out of the Preds' price range and that they would focus on obtaining 1-2 lesser-priced forwards instead. In fact, I had a crazy thought that Forsberg would sign in Calgary with Johnny Gaudreau taking his talents closer to home. Only the latter part of that statement could still happen, with Flames fans still on pins and needles. I don't profess to being an expert on where players will sign, but it's fun to speculate.

If Forsberg's contract seems a little high based on his career production, keep in mind that he is really cashing in on his contract season. Forsberg produced career highs in both goals (42) and assists (42). In fact, Forsberg finished tied for ninth place in goals in spite of missing 13 games due to both an upper-body injury and COVID protocol.

Not surprisingly, some of Forsberg's advanced stats lean a little higher than expected. In particular, an 18.6 SH%, 11.7 5-on-5 SH%, and 4.0 PTS/60. That and the contract year point to a possible slight regression for Forsberg in 2021-22. You could also tie those advanced stats into the sudden bounceback of Matt Duchene, which I wrote about here. As much as both Forsberg and Duchene could both be potential busts relative to their ADP next season, it's also entirely possible t