Ramblings: Fantasy Rookie Drafts; Free Agency Thoughts; Matthew Tkachuk, David Quinn & More (Jul 22)

Alexander MacLean


Between Dobber covering for me on free-agency opening day, and swapping days with Cliffy this week, it has been a while since I got to share some thoughts here.

I'll start with the draft, and though I am no prospect expert (I defer to the DobberProspects group on that one) I do find myself often having successful prospect drafts in my fantasy leagues. The more sources you can read to form your own balanced opinions on players, the better. That being said, I often find that it's not the average of the opinions that matter, but it's the outliers that you need to really take note in, and sort out whether there is something there that the consensus is overlooking, or whether it is just someone looking to be different for the sake of it.

On that note, one of the players that I saw a few scouts rank in the top-10, while his average ranking was probably into the 20s, was Noah Ostlund (16th overall selection by Buffalo). Ostlund is one player that I think a handful of scouts really keyed in on as one of the more projectable players in the draft, and they bumped him up their draft board because they liked what they saw. However, with both of his linemates for the year (Jonathan Lekkerimaki & Liam Ohgren) also being draft eligible prospects, and playing a flashier game, I think Ostlund ended up often being overlooked, and was the consensus number three of the set as a result. In the end, I had him ranked as a top-10 guy for my fantasy drafts, and managed to snag him at #25.

A few others I like that seem to be falling farther than where I would take them in fantasy drafts: Denton Mateychuk, Brad Lambert, Lane Hutson, Gleb Trikozov, and Adam Sykora.

If you want to see some average numbers across fantasy leagues, then check out Tyler Matson's Twitter where has posted an updated list just last night: