Frozen Tool Forensics: Riding the Goalie Carousel Part 1

Chris Kane


We had a fun few days of free agency, and while there are certainly still some names out there, not much has happened recently. There has been a lot of analysis here at Dobber Hockey, and all of the summary takes can be found here. As so much of this ground has been covered already, I wanted to turn to a bigger overview of goalies. We had quite a few goalies on the move this offseason and the landscape has really shifted for a lot of teams. It seems worth the time to see where teams are at this point and if we should be thinking about anyone differently because of it. We are going to hit every team so will likely break this one up over a couple of weeks.

This week on Frozen Tool Forensics: Riding the Goalie Carousel Part 1

To get us started I pulled data from the 21-22 season using the Big Board Goalie report. This report is extra helpful for a bunch of reasons. For one it includes a lot of goalie metrics that we can use to compare goalies (including their salary), and over the summer it has been updated to include the new teams for goalies that have moved.

For the tables below I exported the Big Board Report and pulled forward the data that seemed most relevant in trying to figure out how the goalies for each team rank.

A quick note on goalie salary – because it is data for the 21-22 season it is listing the salary for last season, not what free agent or extended goalies will be making in 22-23. In most cases I will note the new salary below if needed. It is relevant because salary can be a useful clue when considering how a team will deploy their goalies. Team default usually is to defer to the higher paid guy even if the lower-paid goalie steals the net for a time. This could be either because big money goes to goalies who have been good, so it isn't entirely surprising for them to be better than the other person in the crease over the long term, or because organizations don't want to pay big money to a goalie sitting on the bench so are more likely to keep returning to them and giving them more chances.

Now on to the goalies


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