Ramblings: Thoughts on Eichel, Suzuki, Roslovic, Hronek, and Others – August 2

Michael Clifford


This is one of the bigger weeks of the entire NHL calendar for us here at Dobber Hockey as the 2022-23 Fantasy Hockey Guide is set to be released on Friday. A lot of work goes into this from Dobber himself, to the development team, to the editing team, and of course our writing team. Head on over to the store to pre-order a copy if you haven't already.

As a thank you to our subscribers and readers, Dobber sent out this tweet over the weekend:

That's right. The 2022-23 draft list spread sheet has been released and can be viewed by anyone who has pre-ordered or subscribed.

In honour of the impending release, as well as the draft list that was just allowed for release, I wanted to go through said list and share some thoughts. These will just be a select few players, both forward and defence, as to not give away too much of the list. Go pre-order the Guide and get your own list if you want to see the whole thing early, anyway!

All I will note is that my own projections won't be done for a couple months so everything will be more off-the-cuff than having a set idea on what I'm personally expecting.

Alex DeBrincat

It seems the 2022-23 Draft List is very high on DeBrincat with his move to Ottawa. We have him tied with Mikko Rantanen in projected points with 88 (in more games played, mind you), and ahead of the recent generation's preeminent producers like