Ramblings: Bubble Keeper Week Covering Kakko, Monahan, Wilson, Kubalik, and More – August 18

Michael Clifford


It is Bubble Keeper Week here at Dobber Hockey and we're spending the entire week helping readers make their tough keep-or-cut decisions. All four of us editors at this site have had a Ramblings touching on these situations: Ian covered guys like Jake DeBrusk, Antti Raanta, and Sean Durzi; Dobber had questions including Tristan Jarry, Eeli Tolvanen, William Eklund, and Tyler Bertuzzi; I wrote about skaters like Oliver Bjorkstrand, Joel Farabee, and Nils Höglander; Alex dove into Anze Kopitar, Jeff Petry, Ryan O'Reilly and a handful of other guys. When we say we're going to cover a plethora of players covering a wide range of values, we mean it.

Today will be more of the same. I have received some keeper questions from Twitter and even got one from a very good friend that we will be talking about today. If anyone reading this has more keeper questions, be sure to check out our Forums or send them to Ian on Twitter for his Ramblings coming up this weekend.  

Alright, let's get to a few questions here.