Ramblings: Draft Notes on the Top 100 Players by ADP (Sept 14)

Alexander MacLean


In the last bit of the NHL offseason before we start to get real news, real lines, and actual games I figured I would do a preliminary run-through of all of the top-100 players of so, and how I'm feeling about drafting them to begin sorting out my rankings for the year.

I'm going to run by Fantrax ADP to organize players off the start, as it's a much better base than Yahoo. All of my leagues include hits, shots, and power play points to some variation of value, among a few other stats. I'll take those base stats into consideration along with a main focus on points.


Connor McDavid: The top guy, and if you're considering anyone else with first overall then you're either getting too cute, or your league has some wacky categories/weightings.

Auston Matthews: A no-doubt top-three pick for fantasy this year, and especially valuable where shots and goals add extra value. Racks up a surprising number of hits and blocks as well.

Leon Draisaitl: Potentially listed as a winger depending on your provider, the second-highest points upside behind McDavid, and maybe some faceoffs on the wing too. Him talking about adding a new element to his game as a result of the ankle injury last spring should also be moderately terrifying for the rest of the league.

Nathan MacKinnon: Seems to be the consensus number four pick, but if I was sitting at fourth overall, I might prefer to take the chance on a specific one of his teammates… Still exceptional scoring upside and a huge ceiling for shots as well.