Capped: Early Disappointments from Barkov, Teravainen, and Dumba

Jamie Molloy


With every surprise or huge performance that we get to witness throughout the regular season, we are also met with an equal number of disappointing performances as well. There are plenty of things that can lead to some unsettling productions, some of which can be being on a new team, being shifted up and down the lineup on a regular basis and being unable to form chemistry, injuries, lack of preparation in the offseason, and the list just goes on.
While the season is only young so far as most teams have one-third or fewer games played, there is still plenty of time for these players to find their groove and put together outstanding performances to make up for some lackluster starts.

* The top row in the stat tables are the players current stats this year, and the bottom row is their career stats. The power play and short-handed sections are for points in these respective areas. I know last season I was showing roster percentages for the players that I discuss, and I do plan on bringing that back, but I am not in any Yahoo leagues this season so for the time being I will not have their percentages listed for that platform. *

* Some of the stat lines that I will be listing may not seem disappointing in the grand scheme of what is considered a good season for an NHL player, its more-so me outlining that so far, the season has been subpar for these players in accordance with what we perceive them as. *

#1) Aleksander Barkov – C – Florida Panthers

Contract: $10M – 8 Years remaining
Roster Percentages: Fantrax – 99%, ESPN – 99.5%

GamesGoalsAssistsShotsPowerplayShorthandedHitsBlocksFaceoff %TOI

Like I said before, the stat lines that I may show here aren't necessarily bad stats overall, just that we expect a bit more from said players. The reason Barkov lands on this list is because this is the first season that we have seen him play away from Jonathan Huberdeau who got dealt to the Calgary Flames over the summer. In three of the last four seasons Barkov finished with over a point-per-game. He's currently fifth in points on