May 30, 2008

Dobber Sports



It looks like Glen Metropolit could play in the RSL. He has apparently been offered double what he was offered by Boston. Stay tuned.


Boston signed their new acquisition Matt Marquardt to a contract. They just got him in a trade on Wednesday, so their eagerness to go after him, trade for him, and sign him has me moving him up my prospects list. He is a power forward with 65 points upside. He'll move up to around 200 on my list.


Stanislav Chistov has signed a contract with Avangaard Omsk.


Flyers rearguard Denis Tolpeko has signed on with Dynamo Moskow.


John Pohl has an out clause in his Swiss deal that allows him to sign with an NHL team by July 15.


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Detroit and Montreal seem to be the most interested teams in signing Mats Sundin. He'll probably remain in Toronto, though.


It seems likely that Dimitri Kalinin will remain in Russia next season.

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