May 31, 2008

Dobber Sports



Tomas Holmstrom will be a game-time decision today. He injured his hammy again in Game 3 – which is precisely the reason I wanted Gill out there on him all game, just giving him nudges and knocking him off-balance from minute one to minute 60. Glad to see that Therrien had Gill do just that. Now we have a series again, and I think that played a big role.


More foot-dragging. We are now getting indications that Cliff Fletcher will remain as GM for next season and is looking for a coach at present. Foot-dragging cost them Armstrong, and stubbornness is costing them Nonis. It's looking like I'll put off being a Leaf fan for a third consecutive year. They remain in my doghouse while I watch and enjoy 29 other teams.


Speaking of the Leafs, on June 8 when Blake Wheeler becomes a UFA, they need to make a pitch. The Wild have the inside track, but no team needs a jump-start on their youth movement more than Toronto does.


The Barry Melrose going to coach Tampa rumors are hotter than ever right now.

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It's looking more and more as if the Islanders will be the team to snag Filatov. In this man's books, Filatov is every bit as talented as Stamkos and only a lack of a transfer agreement makes Stammer No.1. However, the Kings and Thrashers have stated that they will be taking rearguards (and they need them), and the Blues are stacked with quality young forwards. That leaves the Islanders, who will get a gift. In 1990 it was a strong, deep draft and Jaromir Jagr slipped to fifth (I'll give THREE Karma to the first person to post in the forum who the Top 4 were). While Stamkos is that sure-fire 85 to 100-point player, Filatov is higher risk reward. His upside is in that 75- to 110-point range.