July 5, 2008

Dobber Sports



My projections for the upcoming Fantasy Guide are for the most part complete, other than tweaking. Using a clean slate in the rankings, I used the new projections – which is why you see a lot of jumping around on the lists. Don't think of it as a player dropping 30 or jumpin 12 spots, think of it as – he should have been there in the first place and now things are as they should be. It's an "audit" of my player rankings, more or less, and it is done every July.


The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that Jussi Jokinen is on the trading block and could be moved soon. He was starting to become buried in Tampa Bay. He is a hard worker who is defensively responsible – known for watching video of his games and fixing what needs to be fixed. His brutal plus/minus in TB last year was the exception, not the rule. He was a plus-12 in three years in Dallas.


All is quiet on the NHL front. I think it will be a quiet weekend, allowing me to finally take a break. I feel like I AM an NHL GM haha (minus the millions of dollars). Tomorrow's article will break down some of the action. Don't forget to check into thehockeynews.com for my articles – they're up every Friday and yesterday's piece gives you the buy/sell lowdown on the player movement.

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