Round 2! June 27, 2009

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Kind of anti-climatic, but the Panthers traded Jay Bouwmeester to Calgary for Jordan Leopold and a third-round pick. So basically for a third, since Leopold is a UFA. The Flames with JBo and Phaneuf on the back end would be mighty indeed, but I fear for their success. This is closer to Anaheim's formula for success than Detroit and Pittsburgh's.


In tomorrow's The Dobotomy, I will run down all the Draft trades and give you the impact on each fantasy-worthy player.


My favorite picks from yesterday – MPS going to Edmonton and Schroeder going to Vancouver. Bonehead move? Minnesota passing on Schroeder. They have little offense up front and nothing in the pipeline. Why they didn't a premier forward and local boy is beyond me. McDonald summed it up nicely in his first-round blog.


Best Tweeter last night? Brian Lawton, TB GM. His stuff was gold. Well, okay, my stuff was gold too. I think I did about 20 tweets of my thoughts on Twitter last night, steering clear of the usual crap. Most hockey Twitters were basically recapping the draft. So I would get 40 updates saying "Colorado takes Duchene". Knowing this, I avoided reminding you obvious things like that and stuck with my reaction to certain selections. To add me on twitter – That said, don't expect any today – after the second round, I'm gone for the day.


Bob McKenzie may have nailed 27 of his first round picks last night, but Matthew Bugg nailed 26. Getting better every year, Bugg!

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I had a laugh last night watching the TSN scroller on the bottom of the screen. With all that was going on last night, they were kind enough to update us every 10 minutes that Claude Lemieux became an American citizen. Thanks TSN!


Don't forget to check in late Monday afternoon for DOBBER NATION. We'll review the draft and preview free agency – from a fantasy hockey standpoint. Guests include Draft Guru Matthew Bugg, and NHL Rumor King Lyle "Spector" Richardson.