(Crickets Chirping) July 26, 2009

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Spector is reporting that PJ Axelsson has signed to play in Sweden next campaign.


Yannick Tremblay has signed to play in Germany next campaign.


The Globe is reporting that Blake Wheeler has bulked up, from 215 to 220 – and five percent body fat. That sounds like it’s good. It beats my six percent body fat. Oh! I meant sixty-six percent… Anyway, don’t expect a big jump from Wheeler this season. I would expect a nice, slow year-to-year progression upwards by a couple of points a year until his fifth or sixth year. Wheeler’s start, however, should be quite good – maybe 30 points in 40 games – thanks to Kessel and Krejci being on the shelf.


The Tennessean gets this from Steve Sullivan: “I’ve had no setbacks, no nothing,” Sullivan said. “I’m back to being normal, which is great. It’s fun to go into my workout sessions concentrating on getting stronger, not concentrating on how I’m going to feel the next day. “I’m not waking up and wondering what that first step is going to feel like. Those thoughts are all gone now. It’s the right frame of mind and we’ll keep working on getting stronger, not doing rehab.”


The Tennessean also quotes David Poile comparing Ryan Ellis to someone: “You know who Ryan Ellis is? He’s Sully as a defenseman,” Poile said. “That’s exactly what he is. There were a lot of people that didn’t think Sully would ever play hockey. He was not a drafted player. He proved a lot of people wrong and is still doing that.”


Afinogenov’s agent Don Meehan has pretty much shot down any thoughts of him signing in Nashville. Know where I think he’ll sign? KHL.


Countdown until the best damn fantasy hockey resource is released: FIVE days.




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